Consultancy Services

We at Shreya Hospital are always there for our Patients. You can feel free to ask our professionals even the slightest query , we know how important it is for you , but it is more important for us.

Our well qualified doctors are avialable to consult you anytime.


Infertility is when a woman is not getting pregnant or keeps on having miscarriages. The root cause of infertility may be slightly tough to find but may include inadequate level of specific hormones either in men or women. Many treatments improve the chances of pregnancy. They include hormone treatments, fertility drugs and surgery. In addition, assisted reproduction uses various medical techniques to fertilize an egg.We understand how disheartening it can be for you, but we have specialized set of doctors who are there to help you out with this. Feel free to reach us if you have any sort of doubt in your mind, after all its less about you and more about the new born.

 Pregnancy care

Through our consulting practice we offer women (and their partners/ families) positive encouragement and support around making healthy choices and conscious decisions about their pregnancy and birth.

We provide full support  for midwives (homebirth, birth center or hospital based), doctors, complementary health care providers, birth, books, and other resources. We help you envision where you would like to give birth, whether it be in a hospital, birth center or your own home. We assist families in cultivating the tools they need to safely welcome their babies in a peaceful and loving way. We listen to your concerns, answer questions, offer suggestions, and support your pregnancy and birth in a way that is unique for you.

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