High Risk Pregnency Care

Dr. Priya Nanda have experience of managing High risk pregnency care. Shreya hospital specialized in Pre, post deliveries and infertility. Our experienced Doctor conducting PAIN LESS Deliveries and highly qualified to manage and High risk pregnencies. Also Well trained in doing GYNAE LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERIES.

We take care of :

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High Risk Pregnency Care
We provide you all the information necessary to help you make your decision about this important step.

It is important to plan for a High Risk Pregnency Care. It’s help full for the well being of both Mother and child.

A planned Caesarean will not be done before 38 weeks of the pregnancy, unless there are concerns about your health or your baby’s health.

Some of the reasons you may need a planned Caesarean include:

  • The placenta (the afterbirth) is over the cervix (a condition called placenta praevia) so your baby may not be able to be born vaginally.
  • Your baby is not lying head down, such as it is in a breech position, so a doctor may recommend you do not try to deliver your baby vaginally.
  • You needed a Caesarean with your last baby, for example because your cervix did not open properly, or because your baby was too big or in the wrong position to fit through your pelvis.

A Caesarean may be done as an emergency when your baby needs to be born quickly and it is not safe to wait until you have gone into labour, or induction of labour is not advisable, or you may be in labour and there is some concern at the time for your health or the health of your baby.

Heavy weight baby ( Macrosomia )

“Macrosomia “ is used to describe a new born whose weight is more than averge.

The average weight of a new born in 7 pounds or 3.17 kg. Macrosomic babies are more likely to have a difficult delivery. But the risk of complications is significantly greater when a baby is born weighing more than 9 pounds (4,500 grams).A large baby means rise in chances of C section. Although it’s difficult to determine a baby’s exact size before birth, your doctor may want to schedule a c-section if you’re measuring large or have other risk factors for macrosomia.

We at Shreya Hospital provide you the best care for you and your new born. We understand your love for your baby .

Diabetes In High Risk Pregnency

To determine the safest time and method to deliver your baby, your health care team will examine a variety of factors:

  • blood glucose control
  • blood pressure
  • kidney function
  • diabetes complications detail you may have.

No matter how you deliver your baby, our doctors will be working during labor and delivery to keep your blood glucose level under control. At the start of active labor, your insulin needs will drop. You will most likely not need any insulin during labor and for 24 to 72 hours after delivery. Your blood glucose will be checked frequently (probably every few hours) and your insulin and glucose regimen will be tailored to your needs during that time.

Apart from these , our team of professonal doctors also take special care in Eclampsia, High blood pleasure, Thyroid and Twins during delievery.

We at Shreya Hospital Value your love for the new one and try our best to provide you world class infrastrucrure for the same.

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